Prospective Jurors Finding It Hard To Be Impartial About A Guy Who Definitely Killed Someone

MINNEAPOLIS — As jury selection for the Derek Chauvin Trial has wrapped up many jurors are finding it hard to be impartial about a guy who definitely killed someone.

“It’s really hard for us to be objective for this trial because on one hand we definitely want to be as fair as possible”, said a prospective juror, “But on the other hand we’ve also all seen the video where he killed that guy”.

To be selected, prospective jurors were asked about their social media use, if they support the police, who their favorite character in Police Academy was, and if they’ve ever used handcuffs during sex. Their answers all play a role in determining if Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd or if Derek Chauvin ‘killed’ George Floyd.

“It is very important that Derek Chauvin be given a fair trial with a jury of impartial peers regardless of whether or not he did the thing we all know he did”, said Judge Peter Cahill. “We can’t have a jury that just agrees that he killed George Floyd because of footage that shows him killing him as well as a deep history of other offenses, that’s not how the justice system works.”