QUIZ: Are They Intimidating or Can They Just Pull Off a Jumpsuit?

With Minnesota fully open again, the hip people of the Twin Cities are trading their sweatpants for clothing with structure. And while most found solace in carbs and lost most social skills, others seem to have somehow gotten hotter and dare we say –– more intimidating? This quiz will help you determine if the person you can’t stop staring at is actually intimidating or if they’re just pulling off a jumpsuit. 

  1. You see this chic looking person walk through the doorway of the crowded brewery. What happens next?
    1. Every head suddenly turns as people start to shift out of their way, revealing someone in a jumpsuit that is as equal parts elegant as it is effortless, and they seem to float up to the bar. 
    2. They grab the hand of their equally-as-stylish friend and start elbowing through the crowd. 
  1. They get to the bar- what do they order? 
    1. They sample everything on the menu –– swirling the beer around and slowly tasting it like a sommelier. They then order a complex marshmallow, smoothie sour and wither the bartender with a look. 
    2. Just a pilsner, classic and refreshing. And they pull their wallet out of the jumpsuit’s deep yet subtle pockets –– this look really does have everything. 
  1. Oh no! Every table is full up, now what? 
    1. They stand, arms crossed, near a table that looks like they’re leaving soon, slowly encroaching on their space like a predator… Within seconds the seated group leaves and the table is theirs.
    2. What’s this? They’re comfortably standing because their cotton-blend jumpsuit is the perfect blend of fashion and function?!!?!
  1. You finally work up the courage to ask this person where they bought their outfit. Do they say… 
    1. Oh umm, I actually got this at a sample sale when I was studying abroad in London, they don’t have this store in the states. 
    2. Ohmygod thank you, it’s thrifted! A super cute place in Uptown, I basically give them all of my money. 

Mostly A’s –– They’re actually intimidating 

Your midwestern judgment of someone is right! This person vibrates with terrifying, confident energy. They could win any argument with just a glare and you should stay out of their way if you don’t want to feel like a helpless dork. 

Mostly B’s –– They can just pull off a jumpsuit. 

Calm down, they can just wear the HELL out of that jumpsuit. No need to be intimidated by that effortless, carefree, timeless style. They just clearly have their whole life together and this outfit proves it!