QUIZ: Are you a Pawlenty, Walz, Dayton, or Ventura?

1) What is your go-to spot for a first date?

A. A brewery- somewhere fun and local that anyone can enjoy.

B. The Capital Grille- I want to show them my excellent taste

C. An afternoon walk through the Walker Sculpture Garden where you’re surprised by a bumble bee.

D. The Humphrey terminal parking lot so you can count all the black vans.

2) What’s your ideal birthday present?

A. A cozy knit sweater. Or something handmade. Or a gift card. Whatever it is, it’s the thought that counts.

B. Something small and simple, like a cashmere scarf or a faberge egg.

C. A popcorn tin, but only plain flavor.

D. Fluoride free water and a bunker with more than one toilet/compost bin.

3) What’s your go-to choice for movie night?

A. Marley & Me

B. The Wolf of Wall Street

C. Ken Burns’ Jazz (Part 4)

D. Pootie Tang

4) What’s your dream vacation?

A. A week at a cabin up north.

B. The Cayman islands for snorkeling and some light banking.

C. A visit to your aunt Judy who lives in Maple Grove.

D. Russia

5) A creepy guy won’t leave you alone at the bar? What do you do to get rid of him?

A. Just nod and smile as he talks to you for an hour and then sneak away by saying you have to go to the bathroom.

B. Shut him down. You know you’re out of his league.

C. Fall asleep at the bar. He’ll get the message.

D. Clock him right in the face. Strike fear in his heart and assert physical dominance. Take one of his teeth as a souvenir.

Mostly As: You’re a Tim Walz

You’re the kind of person who can make friends with anybody. You’ve got the vibe of the cool teacher who sits on their chair backwards, without being a renegade teacher who actually challenges the status quo. You’re basically a Hufflepuff, if a Hufflepuff had the National Guard on speed dial.

Mostly Bs: You’re a Tim Pawlenty

You’re the charmer of the group. You try to play it humble, but you have big wallet energy. You have a working relationship with a horse breeder and when you get off a plane you expect people to call you sir.

Mostly Cs: You’re a Mark Dayton

You’re low key, the type of person who leaves the party early. Somewhere out there there’s a piece of toast that’s way too spicy, but you get the job done gosh darn it. Sure people want you to yell, but that doesn’t mean you will.

Mostly Ds: You’re a Jesse Ventura

You’re definitely the wildcard. Your energy is a little aggro, but that’s what people love about you. Sometimes people say you’re impulsive, that you’re a little too much. You know what’s too much? The fact that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams! Look it up! Open your eyes people! Or should I say sheeple. I see you. Or should I say “ I see euw”.