Review: Yak Traks Provide The Support Your Mother Never Did

Original photo by Laurel F

Yak Traks are an easy slip-on device that gives you the confidence to trek across snowy and icy tundra without the fear of falling. This winter accessory is a must-buy if you are looking for the support that your mother has never given you. 

The basic set of Yak Traks fit like a glove and cost very little – in fact compared to the large amount of dignity you had to sacrifice to show your mother that maybe insulting your weight in the middle of a Red Lobster was not “acceptable behavior”, you will find that Yak Traks basically feel free.

If you are looking for a little extra support for an upcoming ice fishing trip or visit back to Northfield, Yak Traks provide a version with a supportive strap over the top of the same shoes that apparently are sending a signal to the world that “you want to die alone and childless”.

Overall, Yak Traks are a wise investment and if you need to use the gas money that you were going to use to travel back for yet another soul-crushing holiday, no one would blame you.