Saint Cloud Named MN’s ‘Most Xenophobic City’ for 168th Year in a Row


ST. CLOUD — Hundreds of white residents gathered outside City Hall to celebrate Saint Cloud “winning” the title of Minnesota’s ‘Most Xenophobic City’ once again, depite the title being a formal condemnation from the Governor’s office. 

“While there were some strong competitors, no other city produces the sheer amount of hateful Facebook posts, threatening political rhetoric, and antiimmigrant antimonsity,” said Barbara Glover, Superlative Director for the League of Minnesota Cities, which bestowed the award. “It was really a no-brainer”.

At the official award ceremony, city officials rejoiced that Saint Cloud remained the least tolerant municipality in the state. 

“This city was founded on a fear of people of non-European ancestry, and for the last 168 years we have remained the premier place for immigrants to get spit on” said Saint Cloud Mayor David Klies. 

“we hope to continue this legacy for the next 168 years”, continued Glies. “If you are the kind of person who asks strangers ‘where are they really from’ or sends unsolicited links to Alpha News articles to your relatives, you have a home in Saint Cloud”. 

At the conclusion of the ceremony city officials unveiled a new statue outside the entrance to City Hall in the shape of a burning cross.