Iowa Rep. Steve King Wondering How He Can Be Racist When You Are All The Racists


In a press conference earlier this week, Iowa Representative Steve King responded to the accusations of racism levied against him. “How can I be racist,” he asked the assembled reporters, “when you are all actually the racists?” He then stepped back from the microphone and made a “boom” motion with his hands.

Ignoring reporter questions, the newly re-elected Congressman continued. “I have these totally reasonable ideas, like having a confederate flag on my desk, endorsing a white supremacist for the mayor of Toronto, or celebrating the deportation of a Dreamer. Which you all are calling ‘racist,’” King began, making air quotes every time he said ‘racist,’ “when you are the ones who are ‘racist’ against my ideas, and therefore are the real racists.”

After spiking a previously unseen football, King concluded the press conference by repeating “Reverse racism.” into the microphone for approximately 7 minutes. The 9-term Congressional Representative won his district by 3.4 points.