Three Unique Places on the Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge to Get Engaged

Photo by Minneapolis Parks/Meet Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS — If you’re reading this, you’re ready to take the next big step in your relationship, CONGRATS! But you’re not like other couples, you’re a fun, hip, Minnesota couple who likes walking their doodle for a around the lake, a night in with Netflix and craft breweries – so your engagement should not be like everyone else’s! Which is why you should get engaged at the most unique and exciting spot in the Twin Cities, the Stone Arch Bridge!  

We scoped out three amazing spots along the Stone Arch Bridge that are just as unique and one-of-a-kind as your relationship! 

1. Beginning of the Bridge – St. Anthony Main Side
Popping the question at the start of the bridge is exciting! It symbolizes the start of your adventure – you can’t wait one more second for your life to begin, you want to get married and be the fun and exciting couple that explores the world beyond Minneapolis. Doing things like buying a home in Minnetonka or maybe St. Louis Park to stay close to the city but without all the noise. But venturing into the city on weekends to hit up your favorite spots like the Cowboy Jack’s rooftop or The Loon. 

2. Middle of the Bridge
Of course, the beginning of the Stone Arch bridge might not feel quite right for an original funky couple like yourselves. Maybe getting engaged somewhere a little more busy, a little more urban – like in the exact middle of the stone arch bridge! You’re a couple that lived somewhere off the beaten path, like above the Whole Foods downtown (crazy!) you want your engagement to echo the hustle and bustle of a midsized midwestern city during the work week. 

3. End of the Bridge – Mill City Side
Closer to the city and farther from the park, because you’re not like other couples in the Twin Cities, you’re a unique artsy couple. The end of the Stone Arch bridge is magic and you can get a picture of your engagement with the whole city in the background, a photo no one else will have! And how fun will it be to look through those pictures as you plan your wedding at a hole-in-the wall coffee shop like Spyhouse?! 

Getting down on one knee should be a special time shared with the one you love most, but be sure to post it on Instagram right after it happens to share the moment with your closest family, friends and followers. A fun caption like “they put a ring on it” or “we did a thing” will be sure to make everyone chuckle and be original to you!