Tragic: This Man Said “Ooh! Somebody Stop Me!” After Putting On Face Mask But No One Laughed

Get your tissues ready because this story is enough to make even the most stoic among us shed tears! Minneapolis resident Chris Nelson, 34, was getting ready to leave for the grocery store early today when he was struck with inspiration.

“I thought maybe I could use my comedic skills to lighten the mood in these dark times,” Chris recalled, “but looking back, I wish I had never even tried”.

The harrowing incident began when Nelson boisterously entered the living room, making each step as loud as possible to ensure the attention of his three roommates who sat on the couch immersed in work. Once he was reasonably sure they’d seen him, he put on his cloth face mask and loudly exclaimed “Oooooh! Somebody stop me!”, a well-known line from the smash hit 1994 Jim Carrey vehicle The Mask. To his shock and dismay, the bit was met with absolute silence. Thinking on his feet, Nelson made a futile attempt to salvage the joke by adding, “Smokin!”. Nothing.

Perhaps they weren’t familiar with early 90s comedic film? At least that would mean that in different circumstances, the joke had a chance of landing. But all hope was extinguished a few excruciating seconds later when roommate Lucas Sands, 31, perked his head up from his MacBook and asked “like The Mask?”. By then, Nelson, now a mere shell of a man, could only respond with a sheepish “yeah, like The Mask” before shuffling away in shame. Absolutely heartbreaking!

At press time, Nelson had decided to put off grocery shopping and was instead sitting at a nearby lake, staring forlornly at a pair of ducks.