Unannounced Summer Show at Surly Already Sold Out

Photo by  Tony Webster

Photo by Tony Webster

An open date on Surly’s Amphitheater calendar which had yet to announce the time, a headliner, opening acts, or whether or not it was even happening, was reported to have sold out within minutes. Many Surly employees were shocked that tickets were even in the system, as nothing about the show had been made available to the public.

Despite the brewery’s ticketing website listing the event as sold out, thousands patrons lined up outside the Minneapolis tap room, clamoring to see if there were any left over tickets for the unannounced show. 

“Man, I always miss out on all the cool shit” Said Grace Johnson, dejected at missing out on the opportunity to secure tickets.  She did note however, the pizza at Surly was fantastic. 

Other people who missed out on tickets had a similar case of FOMO; leaving many feeling bummed that they couldn’t be a part of something even before they had heard all the details. 

“Not even sure how this happened” said Omar Ansari, founder of Surly Brewing “But hey, if it worked for Eaux Claires, why couldn’t it work for us?”

While no tickets remain, counterfeits can be found on Ebay, starting at $800.