Walleye Most Popular Lake Fish in Minnesota, Which Probably Explains Why They Won’t Return My Texts


A new survey found that Minnesota anglers and lake enthusiasts strongly prefer walleye to other lake fish, which is probably why they apparently can’t find the time to get back to me.

Walleye, a freshwater perciform fish native to the northern United States, ranked at the top of the list due to its palatability, abundance in popular lakes, and the fact that it’s a real chill hang.

Though they’ve received a series of texts from me over the last few weeks, I have heard nothing and it’s honestly starting to get a little bit embarrassing. I can understand being the official state fish is, like, a super stressful job. But, really, how much time does it really take to respond to one text?
I’d just like to know either way if walleye wants to hang out again. At this point, I’m thinking of hitting up trout.