Woman Dies from Natural Causes During 39 Year Minnesotan Goodbye

EDINA, MN  Shelby Fisher was pronounced dead Friday night at the home of long time friend, Cindy Hoffman, where she had been slowly leaving Hoffman’s birthday since 1979.

“I remember her saying it was getting late and she had to head out, but then I brought up the latest Love Boat episode and we had to discuss that for a while,” Hoffman stated. “Every time she grabbed her keys to leave another topic would come up and she couldn’t walk out the door. We just had so much to talk about!” Hours turned to days and days turned to years. Eventually, Fisher’s body made the choice to say goodbye for her. “One of her hands was still holding on to the doorknob,” an EMT stated.

At press time, Hoffman continued the conversation with The Nordly through a car window, at the end of her driveway.