Representative Jason Lewis Laments no Longer Being Allowed to Refer to Women as Property


In a recently unearthed recording, Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis can be heard expounding at length about his disappointment that in today’s overly politically-correct world it is no longer socially acceptable to refer to women as property.

The audio is from a 2012 episode of The Jason Lewis Show which, despite being a nationally-syndicated radio program, has only recently been discovered. In the episode, Lewis expresses his fondness for the bygone era during which a woman was legally considered to be the property of her father, husband, or closest living male relative.

“It’s bad enough that we can’t call women sluts anymore,” Lewis can be heard saying in the recording. “But the thing is, nowadays you can’t so much as demand to know whether a woman in public has her husband’s permission to be outside the house without somebody getting all offended.”

Lewis goes on for another five and a half minutes in which he explains how the antiquated system of women-as-property “worked perfectly fine for centuries” and that “there were no complaints” before taking a moment to address the potential reaction to his comments.

“Now, I’m sure somebody out there is going to take this out of context and call me anti-feminist,” Lewis goes on to say, signaling his continued awareness that what he was saying was being recorded and could conceivably be heard by others later on. “But that’s not true. I’m not anti-feminist. I just think this whole feminism thing is a bad idea that’s gone on way too long.”

Lewis, whose upcoming re-election campaign The Cook Political Report still inexplicably rates as a “Toss-Up,” is also the proud father and self-proclaimed owner of two daughters.