Ope! Minnesotan Man Didn’t See Ya There

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ST. LOUIS PARK Laughing awkwardly, shuffling his feet, and avoiding eye contact, local man Jerry Halliday said Tuesday that you really snuck up on him. “Ha ha hey let me just get around ya there, bud,” Jerry said as he exited the same conference room you were trying to enter at your shared place of employment. Jerry went on to mutter various phrases including “easy there pal” and “just sneaking by ya, champ.” Following multiple failed attempts to go past each other, Jerry reportedly joked “May I have this dance?” and immediately regretted it. The encounter was resolved after you placed a hand on Jerry’s shoulder and gently guided him out the door. Sources confirmed that Halliday plans to spend the afternoon in the breakroom, making small talk about road construction while waiting for his Lean Cuisine.