Wisconsin Man Starting To Think Packers May Not Win Super Bowl This Year


Despite being a self-described “superfan,” Waumandee resident Bill Zimmerman is starting to think the Green Bay Packers may not win the Super Bowl this season. “I don’t know man, just call it a feeling.” said Zimmerman, not realizing the team did not make the playoffs.

Apparently oblivious to the fact that the team finished 6-9-1, enough for 3rd in the NFC North, Zimmerman continued. “I’m from Wisconsin, I bleed green and gold. But I haven’t been hearing a lot about the Packers lately, and that worries me.”

“I mean, I should probably just R-E-L-A-X, because Aaron (Rodgers) won, like, 6 in a row to make the playoffs.” Zimmerman said, referring to events from the 2016 season as if they had just happened.

Zimmerman says he does not want to sound like a bad fan. “I love this team more than anything. I heard something about the Packers getting a new head coach, which, for most teams, would have been a bad move right before playing in the Super Bowl. But the Green Bay Packers aren’t most teams.”