‘You Should Spend Less Money on Coffee’ Says Edina Resident from Privately Guarded Wine Grotto

EDINA — Arnold Brushwipe, Edina resident and current CFO of his family’s meat processing business Brushwipe Brothers & Sons, has some advice on how young professionals can really start to grow their assets.

“I think that the answer is obvious—you should spend less money on coffee. You have a Nespresso for a reason, no need to let those copper knobs oxidize!” Brushwipe tells us from his privately guarded wine grotto that holds thousands of bottles of wines, champagnes and cognacs.

Brushwipe, who inherited $40 million dollars when his grandfather, Reginald Brushwipe, died in a mysterious yacht accident, shared his budgeting wisdom to the younger, more frivolous generation, even though no one had asked.  

“If you take the time to make it at home, you’ll be saving those dollars you need to really make a promising nest egg to get you that first mansion” Mr. Brushwipe concluded as he retired to the back of his cellar to prepare his daily champagne flute of six pre-workout quail eggs.