Aveda Launching I 35-W Road Salt Scrub

Original Photo by  elizaraxi

Original Photo by elizaraxi

Today Minnesota wellness giant Aveda announced a new line of skin care products which will focus on locally sourced ingredients that can be found, literally, right down the road.

The new SodiuMN Scrub is made from the residual salt distributed by MNDot this last winter to control the buildup of ice on the state’s interstates and highways. Instead of getting absorbed into the ditches lining the side of I-35W or getting washed away by rain, the salt is getting a second chance at life.

Tracey Simonsen “There is truly nothing like giving back to your community, especially when your community is Aveda. We are committed to providing our friends with life-affirming wholistic cooperative wellness initiatives, beautiful skin, and asymmetrical haircuts.”

In addition to I-35W road salt, the SodiuMN scrubs are all infused with other local Minnesota ingredients such as red pine sap, moose knuckle, and walleye essence.

“It’s my scientific opinion that SodiuMN should be applied in moderation” Dr. Anderson advised. “SodiuMN has been tested on a human’s skin and is probably safe for daily use but science tells us that skin can only grow back so fast so just… think about it first.”

“Based off of recent surveys, we’ve found that people have been into, not only having skin, but really using it” Dr. Marcy Anderson, chief chemist at Aveda’s Blaine headquarters, told us. “And this is just one scientist’s opinion, but if you’re not using your skin to its full potential, you might as well not have skin at all.”

Dr. Anderson, however, has a solution for the sorry few who have yet to unlock their skin’s full potential. “Instead of relying on the gamble of inner beauty manifesting into outer beauty which, scientifically, could take years or just never happen, with Aveda’s new SodiuMN scrub, you can buy your skin protection against the ravages of time and shame.”

SodiuMN will be available for purchase in Aveda affiliated salons and spas June 1st.