Is It Safe to Put Away Your Snow Boots? Better Let Them Collect Dust Beside Your Front Door All Year, Just in Case


The sun is shining! (When it’s not raining). The air is warm! (when it’s not dropping into the 40’s). That can only mean one thing-SPRING is HERE. So as you plan for some spring cleaning, it’s only natural you’ll stow things meant for colder weather. Like your snow boots – it’s only natural to pack them into storage! Or…is it? Slow down, take a second to think through why that might be completely unnecessary.

It’s been a little while since our freak snowstorm, and I was thinking- it’s probably time to put my snow boots away, right?
Stop right there! Why put your boots away, especially when you know  that in June 1935, Mizpah, Minnesota got an inch and a half of snow. If it happened in 1935, it could happen AGAIN.  Best to shove those musty boots in the corner by your front door, in order to be prepared.

Okay, so later in the summer is probably the time to stash the boots?
No way! You’d want to be prepared, if, come August, the wrath of the heavens opens and dumps a half foot on the ground. Leave them out! It’s much easier than putting them in your closet or shoving them under your bed.

Should I do something about the thick coating of dust and pet hair that has started to cover them?
Absolutely not! Think of the aesthetic benefits! Grey is very in right now, and this is also an easy way to show how much you love your cat. Shout-out to you, Mr. Jingles!

I’m planning on re-painting in a few months- should the boots be moved out of the way at that time?
I think not, my friend! Paint splatters will simply add to that rugged, vintage look that you’re so proud of. If the boots are touching the wall, simply paint around them.

A big scary spider crawled underneath them. Should I lift them to kill the spider?
Not on your life! Simply kick at the boots several times, with vigor. If no spider emerges- you killed it! And the boots can remain in place.

Somehow my boots have become sandy, though I am far from a beach. Surely, now is the time to clean and relocate them?
No! The sand coating your boots will be extra helpful on icy roads when winter comes again. Say a silent thank you to the Midwest gods for this blessing.

A small fairy has taken up residence in my left boot, and is shooting tiny arrows at me whenever I pass. Please, for the love of God, tell me it’s time to put them away.
Forget about it! Fairies are good luck. Feel free to adjust the boots to allow the right foot hole to face out, so that the left boot fairy may more easily take a mate. They will vacate the boots when colder weather arrives, and you’ll be set to take on the world!

Now you have more than enough information to legitimize your lazy inability to simply move a pair of shoes you won’t use the rest of the year! Yay! Go high-five the boot fairies to celebrate.