Bond With Roommate’s Cat Directly Threatened By Expansion of COVID Vaccine Availability

Photo by Monica R.

ST. PAUL — After Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot COVID vaccine was approved earlier this month, Minnesotans are anticipating that life could return to normal faster than expected. While many see this as a cause to celebrate, St. Paul resident Nils Roy is dreading his soon-to-be COVID immunity, as the world reopening has the capacity to directly threaten his bond with his roommate’s cat Checkers. 

At the beginning of the Stay-at-Home order, the orange tabby was standoffish towards Roy, and seemed to be distraught by the constant presence of his father’s roommate.

“It took months of snuggles, treats, and one-sided conversation, but we’ve finally gotten to the point where his head perks up when I walk into a room,” said a teary Roy. 

These days, he follows Nils from room to room, with pep in his paws and love in his eyes. 

“Sure, the vaccine will prevent thousands of people from dying, but the last thing I want is for Checkers to think I’ve betrayed him. He’s been by my side this whole time,” stated Roy. “I’d cut my fingers off with garden shears if it meant he’d sleep in my bed.” 

At time of publication, Checkers was sunbathing on the back of Roy’s favorite armchair, and Roy was ignoring an email from his HR manager explaining when he’ll be able to get vaccinated. 

“I just can’t bear the idea that he’d be all alone in the apartment,” said Roy as he looked up cat carrier backpacks. “At the very least, there’s always the vaccine-resistant strains. Fingers Crossed.”