BREAKING NEWS: Some Dude Named Jacob Keeps Asking To Be Made Fun Of

Photo by Tony Webster

Minneapolis — With 2020 done and Trump out of office many hope 2021 will bring much needed change. However on the local front, many are surprised about one man who seems to be hell-bent on getting bullied for the rest of his life.

This Jacob guy recently announced plans to run for re-election, a move many are calling ‘Oblivious as fuck’ and ‘clear signs of a degradation kink’.

I think he’s the mayor or something, but any time he tweets a bunch of people tell him he sucks and I retweet it cause he sucks at his job.” said anonymous Twitter user pUpCHUCK420. “The weird part is he doesn’t do anything to stop people from talking shit.”

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has gotten a lot of ridicule during his term in office, some of which people say is his fault, and even more, are saying is something he actually seeks out.

“He’ll make speeches about how important affordable housing is or how the cops are messing up, but then he’ll kick out unhoused folks from encampments, and increase police budgets and it’s like…dude we gotta pick on you now”, Said local activist Claire Chambers while holding a sign of Jacob Frey with the words ‘PEE PEE POO POO BITCH BOY’ on it.

Mayor Frey wasn’t available for comment but he did direct us to a Facebook meme group called ‘Reasons Why Jacob Frey Sucks’ of which he is an admin.