Damning Report Reveals Jacob Frey Only 3rd Sexiest Mayor in the Country


According to a recent study that has bewildered the Twin Cities, US News and World Report has revealed that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is only the third sexiest mayor in the country.

The report, which ranks the most desirable city leaders in the United States based on physical attractiveness, personality, and dedication to the community, indicated that Minneapolis’ hunkiest daddy only took the bronze.

“Obviously we are disappointed,” said a spokesperson from Meet Minneapolis, the city’s tourism board. “While Minneapolis is consistently cited as one of the best cities in the country to live in, dine out, and bike, we absolutely believe that we have the #1 thirst trap running our city.”

While the mayor’s office did not comment on the report, Frey has been seen stepping up his exercise regimen and policy platform.

“I saw him at the downtown Y running full speed on a treadmill while writing down ideas to improve racial equity,” said local resident Lola Robertson. “Honestly, I was sweating just looking at him.”

The mayor’s office did not contest a separate report placing Frey second in the “Goodest Boy” rankings, with the top position being posthumously awarded to Duke, the late dog mayor of Cormorant, MN.