Rock the Garden 2019 Lineup Features Several Bands That You Aren’t Cool Enough to Have Heard Of


Spring is here in Minneapolis, and with summer closing in, 89.3 The Current has announced Rock the Garden 2019 and the exciting lineup of bands that your friends love, but you are only tertiarily familiar with.

Rock the Garden is the largest indie rock music festival in a sculpture garden of an art museum in the north central United States. Since 1998, The Current has consistently outdone themselves each year in getting bigger and more popular bands that you somehow have never heard a single song by, and 2019 is no different.

The National, Courtney Barnett, and deM atlaS are just a few of the bands that your friends couldn’t believe you had never heard of because they’re like, pretty popular. Another of your friends also seemed really excited that Adia Victoria would be there, but you weren’t sure if that was a performing artist or a someone you may have met at a party.

The artist that everyone except you is most excited about is supposed famed punk band X. They are touted as one of the most influential bands from the punk movement of the late 70’s but you can’t help but silently wonder how influential a band you have never heard of could be, you fucking square.

Rounding out lineup is Heart Bones and Bad Bad Hats, which are two bands you are almost certain your coworker made up just to mess with you.

Rock the Garden 2019 will be held June 29th at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, but you probably are too lame to attend anyway.