Eagan Mom Emotional, Relieved Racism is Finally Over

EAGAN — Eagan mom Tori Severson is one of many individuals who have expressed insurmountable joy and relief at the end of racism, by virtue of the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on January 20th. Severson, who was particularly touched by the end of racism as she knows it, took to Facebook and her neighborhood’s Nextdoor feed to share her relief.

“We did it, Joe. Racism: 1950-2021.”

Severson mentioned a special moment she had with her daughter while watching the inauguration. 

“GUYS! I watched the inauguration of #46 with baby Kaila because I wanted her to see examples of badass women leaders. My good sis Michelle Obama came on the screen with that banging red suit, and Kaila pointed at her, then turned to me and said: “Mama, that’s you?” My daughter thought that I was Michelle Obama! The fact that she couldn’t tell the difference between myself and Michelle Obama made me shed a tear (or two!). I am overjoyed to know that the next generation doesn’t see color, just badassery and a bomb sense of fashion.”

Severson, who is of Scandinavian descent, also shared highlights of her workplace interactions in the days after racism’s conclusion in America.

“Today I gave another virtual seminar on how to make your money work for you and how to manifest the home, husband, and life of your dreams (DM if interested!) and someone asked me how they could get qualified for a mortgage on their first home as a Black female homebuyer in the South Suburban Metro. And I had to remind her – racism is over and out, girl! Next time you get denied, remind them who’s president and what he stands for.”

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