Edina’s 2040 Plan Clearly Based Off 2013 Film ‘Elysium’


Edina’s new twenty year policy-making plan is being called “an obvious rip-off” of Neill Blomkamp’s 2013 science fiction film Elysium, set in a world where the wealthy few live on a spaceship, while the impoverished masses are trapped on Earth.

The plan, entitled “Edina 2040: Edina IN SPACE” contains 11 pages of goals for the city and 89 pages of detailed sketches of advanced exoskeletons. Among the document’s most ambitious proposals is the building of a giant “floating space wheel” that “only we know how to get to”.

Some of the city’s other aims for 2040 are to “invent magic MRI machines”, “talk exclusively in high class future accents”, and “do whatever it takes to stop Matt Damon”.

“The weirdest part is that it’s clearly been awhile since the people that wrote this have seen the moviesaid Sadie Kendall, a concerned Edina resident, “at one point, they mention riding in floating chairs, drinking slushies. I’m pretty sure they’re thinking of Wall-E…”.

Edina’s City Council declined to comment on the controversy, stating they were too busy training a lovable South African robot to arrest jaywalkers.