BREAKING: Everyone at 7th St. Entry Knows You’re High

Photo by  Martin Fisch

Photo by Martin Fisch

MINNEAPOLIS — After consuming edibles in the line for an indie rock show, local stoner Joel Benjamin completely failed to conceal his THC intoxication, revealing to everyone at 7th Street Entry that he was high.

Fellow concert-goers were completely aware of Benjamin’s high, and silently judged his choice to ingest a mind-altering drug in order to achieve a transcendent experience of music and movement.

“I told everybody about that guy.” said Martin Dawson, who worked the merchandise table, “His eyes are bloodshot, his mouth is dry, and he’s probably aware of his own breathing.”

“Oh yea, we saw him alright.” said headlining band member, Fiona Carter. “The second we stepped up on stage, I could just feel it. We knew Joel was under the influence of marijuana.”

When asked whether or not Benjamin’s sobriety had any effect on the show, Carter elaborated, “Look, I’d be lying if I said this doesn’t happen often. But Joel Ulysses Benjamin, son of Bridgette and Paul Benjamin, was obviously high.”

After the concert, Benjamin was seen exiting 7th Street Entry toward Pizza Lucé.