In Effort to Open Safely, Valleyfair To Debut Soak City Bleachpark

Original photo by Larry Pieniazek

SHAKOPEE — As Valleyfair plans to open for the first time since the theme park closed due to the pandemic, patrons can expect several changes in an effort to keep everyone safe, including hand sanitizing stations, face shields for performers, and the debut of the brand-new Soak City Bleachpark.

“From the drop of Peroxide Plunge to the splish-splashin’-disinfectin’-fun of Chlorine Canyon, our new bleachpark will leave every family feeling stingy and safe,” said Antibacterial Services Manager Victor Pile. “We just encourage everyone to keep their minds open and their eyes closed.”

Other popular rides at the park that have been sanitized for patron protection include Power Purell Tower, Antiseptic Steel Venom, and Clorox Corkscrew.

“We’re even keeping Valleyfair concessions safe,” added Pile, double-wiping several deep-fried cheese curds. “Safer and tastier.”