Keeping Spirits Up: Kowalski’s Will Still Offer Their Simple Turducken-Lobster-Caviar-Quail Egg-Wagyu-White Truffle Thanksgiving Day Meal Package This Year

As Thanksgiving approaches, grocery stores will be busy safely providing holiday food essentials and local chain Kowalskis will be no different with their classic Turducken-Lobster-Caviar-Quail Egg-Wagyu-White Truffle package.

While many grocery stores’ Thanksgiving meal kits include your typical holiday classics such as mashed potatoes and stuffing, Kowalski’s offers a more personalized touch. Each package provides the names, birthdates and preferred concertos of each turkey, duck, and chicken inside the package’s turducken. The quail eggs included are placed atop moss foraged from the floor of Superior National Forest in nests constructed from bark plucked from the second-tallest tree from California’s Redwood National and State Park.

The Kowalski’s meal package includes everything a family’s staff needs if they’re going to do Thanksgiving right. For example, if your staff doesn’t have an official uniform, Kowalskis has gone ahead to make sure that each package provides original servants costumes from the PBS drama, Downton Abbey.  Kowalski’s in-house tailor, Pierre, will be available to do any alterations, up to 48-hours notice before the holiday.

“The only place where we’ve made concessions is portion size. Just because you can’t get the whole family together doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be deprived of your wagyu or caviar.” Robert Erickson, general manager of the chain’s Lyndale location told us. “I don’t really understand how you can have Thanksgiving without those, it just doesn’t make any sense!”

Thanksgiving Meal packages can be picked up at any Kowalski’s location around the Twin Cities metro or delivered to your door, by request.

“We want to keep our customers as well as our employees as safe as possible,” says Erickson. “If you need your meal delivered, we’re going to make that happen—our horse-drawn carriages will be loaded up and ready to go.”

Erickson also mentioned that if customers didn’t already have a lobster tank at home, they’d be happy to install one for them.