Loring Park Woman Would Give Up Every Lesson She’s Learned About Resiliency In The Last Year If She Could Be 3 Beers Deep At the 19 Bar

LORING PARK —  As Minnesota crosses the threshold of four million COVID-19 vaccinations, many have been reflecting on the lessons they’ve learned during this time. One such woman is Loring Park resident Rene Birch, who’s come to the conclusion that she’d give up every single lesson she’s learned about resiliency if she could be drinking her third beer at the 19 Bar right this very minute. 

“I get it, we’re all learning that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,’ but what if I have no desire to be strong? I’ve learned that I can roll with the punches, but what if I have no desire to be flexible in times of crisis?” said Birch. “What if all I desire is to pay cash for some Budweisers and be sweaty among others?” 

Birch, a frequent patron of the Loring Park establishment, chalks up the charm of the 19 Bar to it’s easygoing attitude and spacious patio, both of which are preferable to a year of personal growth in the face of a global tragedy. 

“I don’t care that I have learned how to get back up after I’ve been beaten down. I want to be shitfaced and playing darts at a gay bar that feels like a backwoods American Legion, right now.” said Birch.

It’s unclear as to when the 19 Bar will reopen again —  but one thing is for sure. When they are, Birch will be there, beer in hand, ready to forget every life lesson she’s learned in the last 15 months.