Lynx Quietly Remind Disillusioned MN Sports Fans That They Have Won Championships

Photo by  Lorie Shaull

Photo by Lorie Shaull

The Minnesota Lynx, the women’s professional basketball team who plays their home games at the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis, would like to remind despondent and disillusioned Minnesota sports fans, that there is in fact a championship team in town: them.

“But they don’t dunk, so does it count?” cited an anonymous fan leaving the Target Center after a 4-game loss by the Timberwolves.

While other Minnesota professional teams have failed to win any championships since Jnco jeans were popular, the Lynx have won a total of 4 WNBA Championships in the last eight years. The Lynx dynasty is a far cry to every other professional sports franchise in the state. Even so, Minnesota sports fans are far from impressed.

“My high school girls play basketball, which is neat and all,” stated a father helping his son move into Saint Thomas. “But are they, or any player for the Lynx, really as good as say… Gorgiu Dieng or Jarryd Bayless?”

“A guy at the airport once said that he could beat me one-on-one,” stated former Lynx legend and current Gophers basketball head coach Lindsey Whalen, “And he was at least 70 years old.”

Local fans and sports reporters have taken to social media to bemoan the performance of the “Big 4” teams with complaints of “this team makes me drink” or “just win once in my lifetime.” However, reminders that the Lynx in fact have won several championships in their lifetime fall on deaf ears.

“Oh, I mean sure, they’re a team” said one sports fan interviewed at the University of Minnesota Applebees after watching yet another disappointing Minnesota team loss. “But I’m not gonna go see a game. I mean, come on- you know what I’m talking about…” The fan then excused himself from reporters.

“I’m not sure what else to do at this point” Cheryl Reeves, one of the greatest coaches in basketball history and current Lynx head coach “I guess we’ll just keep winning.”