Millennial Not Sure It’s Responsible To Bring Snow Man Into World Right Now

DULUTH — With the catastrophic threat of climate change looming on the horizon, many Millennials are questioning whether now is the time to make long term plans. Like many her age, 28 year-old software developer Lauren Hughes of Duluth, is wondering if it’s wise to bring a snowman into the world right now.

“Some of my friends are settling down and making snowmen but I just don’t know if that’s the right thing to do in today’s world,” said Hughes, “I mean, it was 70 degrees in November this year. The earth is clearly not happy with us.”

Hughes went on to say that her parents’ generation could reasonably expect to see their snowmen live a long and prosperous life. “Back then, raising a snowman was just an expected part of life but they didn’t have to contend with the chance of unprecedented heatwaves, murder bees, or tornadoes made of fire,” she said.

Lauren’s partner, Tom Crawford, 30, is also uneasy about the prospect. “Sure it’d be fun in the moment to make one together but you have to think about the long term – will we be able to care for it?” said Crawford, “plus, we grocery shop as little as possible to avoid COVID so if we forget carrots, our snowman could be noseless for a week.”

Lauren and Tom are not alone. A recent survey found that when asked whether they would consider making a snowman right now, 40% of Millennials said ‘no’ or ‘probably not’. When asked why, 80% said ‘climate change’, and the rest said ‘I don’t have a yard’.

There are other options for those wary of making the commitment required to build a snowman. “We might consider getting a snow dog or snow cat,” said Hughes, “or maybe a snow Peace Lily.”

At press time, Lauren was putting a snowball in the freezer in case she decides to make a snowman later in life.