Minnesota Shatters Record for Most Dads Walking on Frozen Lake, Simultaneously Joking About Walking on Water Like Jesus

MINNEAPOLIS — Members of outdoor wintertime association Minnesota Dads Jokes Association, or more popularly known as MDWJA, celebrated a massive win Thursday after breaking a world record they’ve been chasing for almost a decade.

The association coordinated an effort that put 16,346 fathers on frozen lakes throughout Minnesota, and at approximately 2:00pm CST, they all told jokes about walking on water like Jesus Christ.

Despite always having the numbers, the Minnesota-based organization had struggled in the past seven years to beat the record, due to poor joke execution from the participants.

“Yeah, I can admit, I totally fudged it up last year,” says Steve Crowe, a dad who proudly stood on Lake Harriet for this years’ event. “I told the wrong joke. I was supposed to be joking about Jesus, but instead, I made a joke about french fries. Did you know french fries aren’t made in France? They’re made in grease. Haha.”

Steve was one of over 6,000 who made this mistake last year. To resolve for the joke execution issue, the association crafted two jokes that the fathers could choose from:

“I can walk on water. But I stumble on whisky,” or “It’s no wonder that I can walk on water like Jesus – I’m wearing boat shoes!”

The Minnesota dads successfully told this year’s jokes, cementing their title as world record holders.

The previous record was held by Michigan Dads Who Joke Society, more commonly known as MDWJS, as they recorded 14,866 dads simultaneously joking about walking on water like Jesus last year.