Minnesota’s Hottest New Rap Collective Debuts New Song About Being from the Trenches of Bearpath Golf & Country Club

EDEN PRAIRIE — A new local rap group called Saturdays Are For The Boyz In The Hood has dropped a new single entitled, “Hole 5”, which is based on their experiences being from the trenches of Bearpath Golf & Country Club. 

The rap group, composed of 18-year-old Jake, 17-year-old Jake, 17-year-old Jalen, and a masked pre-adolescent individual who prefers to be referred to as “Bones”, joined forces in early 2021 and has made waves amongst Eden Prairie High School social circles and not much farther outside of that. 

In a Genius-style interview, the collective provided details about their breakout single.

“Our aim was to truly capture the pain of coming from the struggle and making it out alive, and breaking that generational curse,” said 17-year-old Jake. ”Hole 5 at Bearpath is hard af. My dad always slams his club into the ground at Hole 5 then yells at his caddy. Caddy kinda deserves it though. He doesn’t pick up the pieces fast enough. But seeing Dad down bad like that really motivated me to get this music thing going. I hope I can make him proud.”

The group also gave credit to the artists that influenced their signature style.

“We have a lot of production influences,” mentioned Bones, while swinging their legs. “We like, um, Tyler the Creator, Lil Tecca, and KID LAROI. I like Peppa Pig!”

The group also spoke to the challenges of leaving behind their regular lives to aspire to new musical heights.

“No cap, no kizzy, this rap life is not easy,” said 18-year-old Jake. “I missed my whole senior year trying to make it big with this group. I missed the senior party, skip day, even prom. And to be honest, I did want to go to prom. But after the fourteenth shorty said no, I figured that was a sign from God to focus on the music and not these hoes.”

Saturdays Are For The Boyz In The Hood will perform “Hole 5” for the first time at the Bearpath clubhouse for Jalen’s grandmother’s birthday tea.