Minnetonka Moms Agree: ‘Hamilton is Fun, But Do They Have to Rap So Much?’


Hamilton, the hip-hop musical about the founding of America and the life of America’s first Treasury Secretary, has finally arrived at Minneapolis’s own Orpheum Theater. The show has won 11 Tony awards, a Grammy, and a Pulitzer Prize, but the fine folk of Minnesota are not so easily impressed. The reviews are in from the Minnetonka Parent Teacher Association, and they felt that it wasn’t worth it to wait for it.

“I knew it was a “hip-hop” musical, but I really didn’t expect all of that rapping,” said PTA President Karen Anderson, “by the time they got to the third song, I couldn’t follow it. It was just a little too urban for me.” Treasurer Sophia Larson was impressed by a few stand out performances. “I really liked that Aaron Burr- his voice was so beautiful. He reminded me of that one fellow. What’s his name? James Legend? Oh, and the Schuyler sisters were so sassy, but what happened to Peggy?”

Other PTA members like Secretary Connie Peterson were concerned about the themes of the show and found little to enjoy.  “I just didn’t like it at all. Why does hip hop have to be so violent and so sexual? I could have done without knowing that Hamilton had a set of sister-wives. That’s not the founding fathers I know.”

“I didn’t like the show very much. Call me old fashioned, but I think there should be music in a musical,” says Stephanie Johnson, Events Coordinator. “But it definitely taught me a lot about history. For example, did you know Thomas Jefferson lived in Monticello?”

Overall, the PTA consensus is that the show doesn’t quite meet Minnetonka expectations. However, Vice-President Sharon Olson said she didn’t regret seeing the show, “at least the tickets weren’t too expensive.”