New Pedal Pub Tour Goes From Uptown Minneapolis Directly to Rochester Rehab Center

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Fans of craft beer and light exercise can now experience a new pedal pub tour that takes them from beautiful Lake Bde Maka Ska to the renowned patient drop-off desk of the Mayo Clinic’s Fountain Centers drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation facility.

During the ninety four mile journey, patrons take in the sights and sounds of I-35W South while enjoying keg after keg of Surly’s flavorful “Well of Despair Ale”. Minneapolis native, Tim Dennison started the pedal pub tour for the growing number of millennials who use the guise of being a beer connoisseur to mask worsening addiction.

“I want them gone,” said Mr. Dennison of his clientele.

The tour is reasonably priced at about 300 dollars for a group of twelve, not including: the tough realization that your hobby is a facade and your life is in shambles, thirty grueling days of piecing yourself back together, and twenty thousand dollars.