New State Auditor Excited to Do Whatever A State Auditor Does

After winning her election on November 6th, Julie Blaha is looking forward to serving as Minnesota’s state auditor, whatever that is.

Blaha, who ran under the DFL party banner, won 49.35% of the vote, besting Republican Pam Myhra by 150,000 votes to become the 19th person to lead the state’s office of something or other.

Both candidates campaigned on promises of bringing more transparency to the office, namely by clarifying to the public exactly what the position entails.

“This win shows that the people of Minnesota are confident in my ability to do whatever it is that I am supposed to do” said Blaha in her victory speech. “I look forward to starting the very important work this office does, and committed to finding just what exactly that is.”

When asked if there is anything she is nervous about before stepping into her new role, Blaha replied. “While I am confident that I will eventually find out what my responsibilities are, I am a little worried about having such a high profile.”

“I am sure media organizations, interests groups, and consituents will approach me all the time to ask ‘What do you do?’ and ‘Who are you?’ That’s a lot of pressure”, Blaha added.

At press time, the newly elected Auditor was in the state capitol asking building security where the State Auditor’s office was. No one knew.