Somehow This Unpaid Work Group Will Solve Diversity Issues

With the hope of increasing diversity, equity, and the eradication of all things racially unfair, BigTechCo has established its first unpaid workgroup to dedicate all their free time toward these goals.

“We made sure to ask all ten of our diverse employees to participate, with the promise that they could do this on company time and the reality that no one on their teams would respect that,” shared HR Director, Ellie Winkley. 

Donovan Murray, who recently had Head of Diversity and Inclusion tacked onto his job of Software Supervisor gave insight on his new duties “They told me they gave me the role because I asked for time off to attend my sister’s quinceanera and therefore I must really care about “diverse issues”.

The group is responsible for scheduling trainings, leading breakout groups, and all-around being the face of the company anytime something “racially sticky” comes up also while balancing their regular full-time jobs at the exact same pay rate as before. “I actually bring home less money,” Murray added. “We are splitting the cost of all the events that we have to plan since the budget we were given was an extra floating holiday. You can’t pay for trainers with PTO”.

Another representative of the group, Charlene Johnson, offered her perspective on the development.

“Some may see it as us being thrown under the bus, but that implies it would be a quick and painless experience. This will go on for a long, long time.”

Winkley recently alerted the work group that enough funding has been allocated for a celebratory pizza party for the group when “that race problem is finally solved”.