Where Is Your Friend in the Diamond Business When You Need Him Most?

MINNETONKA — During these emotionally charged times, many Minnesotans are finding themselves reaching out to old friends in an effort to find more emotional support. However, there is one man many Twin Cities residents just can’t seem to reach.

“On Thursday, after a particularly long shift, I made my way to 394 and Hopkins Crossroads to see if my old friend Tom [Shane] was up for a socially distant hang, but I couldn’t make it until 8:30.” Dave Ford told us. “Hoping to catch him over the weekend before five, but then I’ll have to make the trek out to Woodbury, at I-94 and Radio Drive. I don’t know, maybe we’ll just hang online at shaneco.com…”

After reassuring thousands of Minnesotans over the last few decades that they did in fact have a friend in the diamond business, in this time of need for emotional connection, Tom Shane is nowhere to be found.

When asked if they had anyone else they could reach out too, Ford let us know he already went to Jared.