‘You Betcha’ Whispers Explorer to Open Secret Entrance to Ancient Temple Behind Minnehaha Falls

After being chased by local law enforcement through the Mill City Farmers Market and commandeering a Bird Scooter, renowned explorer and University of Minnesota Archeology Professor Dax Renegade reached his journey’s final destination—the secret entrance of an ancient temple hidden behind Minnehaha Falls. Whispering the enchanted phrase, “You Betcha”, the intrepid adventurer watched as the now visible gateway glowed purple brightly revealing a crease in the rock face, opening a passageway to untold Minnesotan riches. 

“It’s not every day you use a magical password to unlock the opening of a legendary treasure room, Willoughby sure was nervous,” Renegade said referring to his trusty kid side-kick, a 5th grader from Edina South View Middle School adding, “Willoughby was right to be scared. We didn’t know what kind of booby traps Mayor Frey left for us.”

Upon entering the cavernous temple, the Minnesota Archeologist turned treasure hunter lit a torch illuminating multiple skeletons covered in cobwebs and the world “Ope!” scrawled on the wall in blood. Avoiding tripwires, trapdoors, and passive aggressive snake pits, Renegade and Willoby successfully navigated the treacherous halls of the Minnehaha Falls temple reaching their final obstacle, the treasure’s guardian, the ancient Jesse Ventura. Mr. Ventura was quickly foiled by Renegade, despite having pledged his life to protect the Minnesota treasure—memorabilia from the 1998 Minnesota Vikings.