Black Coffee and Waffle Bar Launches Month-Long ‘Black History Month’ Campaign, Celebrating Their History as the Premier Overpriced Waffle Merchant in Metro Area

MINNEAPOLIS — This February, specialty coffee shop Black Coffee and Waffle Bar kicked off a month-long celebration of their presence in the Twin Cities, aptly titled ‘Black History Month’. 

“We are so excited to kick-off our inaugural Black History Month celebration, on the anniversary of our opening. Truth be told, our first location opened several years back in the month of January,” says owner and part-time barista, Maura Glaser. “However, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate month than February to honor our rich history and deep roots in the Twin Cities area, spanning all the way back to 2014.”

The waffle store’s Black History Month celebration comes as a result of calls from community leaders, asking the organization to be more upfront about honoring Black history in Minnesota, and recognizing the role they might play in the unwelcome gentrification of the neighborhoods they call home. 

“We totally appreciate our neighbors for speaking up, and now we’ve taken that call for action and ran with it. We will never go another year without remembering Black Coffee and Waffle Bar’s iconic history as Minnesota’s premier waffle chain,” says Glaser. 

The company’s Black History Month includes a charitable giving campaign in which the price of each of their waffles will increase by one dollar a day, with the intent to donate a portion of the month’s proceeds. At the end of the month, the average waffles at Black Coffee and Waffle Bar will cost customers around $36.

“Just so everyone knows, we are all about giving back to The Community. That’s why we are going to donate 5% of our proceeds during Black History Month to The Community,” says Glaser.

When asked who “The Community” referred to, Glaser mentioned that it included a number of people and causes, such as rent for their locations and employee wages.

Black Coffee and Waffle bar unveiled its signature waffle for Black History Month that “honors an amazing leader who has been an inspiration to us”: a plain waffle topped with a packet of Splenda called The Jacob Frey.