Man Named ‘Ten Glaylor’ Adds Minnesota Timberwolves Listing to Craigslist, Asking for $24.50, OBO

A mysterious listing recently popped up in the For Sale section on Craigslist, with an individual named Ten Glaylor advertising the sale of the Minnesota Timberwolves for $24.50, or a better offer. 

The listing, which was posted specifically under the ‘garage sale’ sub-tab, listed a few other items in addition to the professional basketball team. 

“Salutations! I am a man, a common man, named Ten Glaylor. Today I’d like to announce the sale of a few items from my garage. These items are no use to me as of late, they have all been tucked away, collecting dust in the fourth garage at my third home – who can relate? Middle-class natter aside, the item available for purchase is the deed for a motley crew of sportsmen called the Minnesota Timberwolves. To sweeten the deal, I’ll include for free a vintage Patek Philippe watch, and a baby grand piano with keys as ivory as the tusks I poached on a family trip,” wrote Glaylor. 

Glen Taylor, the current owner of the struggling basketball team, announced his intent to sell the Timberwolves during the summer of 2020, with an asking price of over $1 billion. However, Taylor has not yet confirmed a buyer. Ten Glaylor, not to be confused with current owner Glen Taylor, is offering a much different deal for the team.

“I’ve asked all around and none were willing to bite for my former asking price. My new asking price is $24.50, OBO. OBO, as I have been told, means I am willing to accept even less. That is true; if not for contractual limitations, I’d be giving the basketball team away for free given their less than stellar performance so far this season.”

Experts state that potential buyers may be withholding interest due to the unpredictability of the NBA’s season and a lack of fan engagement. Nonetheless, Glaylor persisted with his Craigslist pitch. 

“If interested in this sterling steal, please have your assistant contact my assistant to coordinate the transaction, at their earliest convenience,” wrote Glaylor. “I’m looking forward to doing business with you. Warmly, Ten.”