Bob Kroll Cancels Family Thanksgiving to Mourn Trump Loss

Photo by CBS This Morning

Following a presumptive victory for Joe Biden, longtime Trump fan and head of the Police Federation of Minneapolis Bob Kroll is in shambles, cancelling his family’s Thanksgiving celebration out of sheer grief. 

“He doesn’t even have the energy to mansplain alt-right politics to me anymore.” his wife Liz Collin said in a closed-door interview last Thursday. “Every so often now, I find him curled up in the fetal position sobbing and hysterically whispering ‘four more years’ over and over. ”

Many Minnesotans may remember Bob Kroll’s outspoken endorsement of Donald Trump during this last election cycle, and even his speech at a Trump rally in October of 2019. Liz and the rest of the Kroll family are now under the impression that Bob won’t have the strength to attend family Thanksgiving this year. They have mixed feelings about it.

“Bob has always been the strong man in our family,” said Bob’s cousin Chaz. “Whether it was beating the shit out of elderly people or harassing minorities, he’s always been such a great example of strength and manliness. To see him like this, looking like Owen Wilson at the end of ‘Marley and Me’, it’s devastating. On the bright side, at least [Bob] won’t smash in our new TV when the Vikes lose on Thanksgiving this year. ”

Although Bob may be missing out on his family Thanksgiving this year, a source close to Kroll shared that he’ll be facetiming Don Jr. in order to get closure.