Five Brewery Date Spots for Figuring Out If He’s Got a Drinking Problem


We all know how hard it can be to snag the perfect guy, but many people forget how crucial those first few dates can be. Make it easy on yourself and impress him by choosing one of five acclaimed local brewing spots below. They’re perfect for getting to know your chosen cutie and whether or not he has a family history of alcohol dependency!

1) Fulton

This one is a classic: the OG Brewer in the area with the first legal taproom in MN. Taking him here is perfect for getting to know each other, but keep an ear out for how he talks about alcohol. If he says something like “Me likely the alchy-hol” and dribbles beer down his chin every time he takes a sip, be cautious, but don’t jump to conclusions. No one is perfect!

2) Surly

Ah yes, where all the cool hip kids get their libations. Visit Surly’s gorgeous complex and show off your knowledge when you mention to him that they have 26 rotating taps. Become suspicious if he orders a pint of all of them and snarls when you try to taste one. It could be a sign he’s disposed to over-consumption of alcohol. But then again, maybe he just has a high tolerance. Most men do, after all!

3) Modist Brewing

Located squarely in the North Loop, Modist Brewing is known for their emphasis on creative brewing. When you’re there, try their award winning American IPA Dreamyard. Or you could try eavesdropping on the conversation your date takes in the hallway. Who’s calling? Could it be his AA sponsor checking in with him, who he then shouts at over the phone saying “WHAT I’M DOING IS NONE OF YOU BUSINESS, SPONSOR KEITH!” That’s perhaps a sign he could be an over-indulger. But then again, Keith could be sponsoring him in a charity run!

4) Bauhaus Brew Labs

Bauhaus is the fun younger cousin to all the breweries in the area. Take him here to down some Stargrazer, then slap him over and over until he comes to, because guess what? He passed out while out with you on a Sunday afternoon. Hurry and get him home- people are starting to stare! But stop worrying after he calls you the next day to say that he doesn’t have a problem. Men can’t lie! It’s science!

5) Sociable Cider Werks

Don’t discount the non-beer breweries in the area! Sociable Cider Werks has a beautiful facility that’s perfect for a lovely date. Now, if your date wanders off after claiming to need the bathroom, go look for him in the big vats where they ferment the cider. If he’s shucked off his clothes and dived in, gulping down the cider and rolling his eyes back in ecstasy, we can only assume he might need to think about seeking help. But don’t mention that when you’re toweling him off afterwards- no man wants to date a women who nags!