Jacob Frey Excited To Post Juneteenth Tweet That No One Asked For

Photo by Tony Webster

Minneapolis — Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, is a celebration of the emancipation of enslaved people of Galveston, Texas. It is a day celebrated with events and festivals, however one Minnesotan politician is about to ruin all of that with just one damn tweet.

During his term in office, Jacob Frey has made a habit of tweeting things when people least want them, with unwanted tweets being posted during MLK Day and a controversial deleted tweet posted last Arbor Day in which he wrote: “I want to call the national guard on all of the trees”.

These tweets have made some Minneapolis residents upset.

“I just want police accountability, and I know he’s gonna think this one tweet  makes up for him being incompetent and that’s just not the case,” sighed North Minneapolis barber Justin Fredericks. “Anytime he tweets I feel like my ancestors have died a little more, he made me hate Valentine’s Day…I hate love now, fam!”

The Mayor has been waiting to tweet this unnecessary message since  last Juneteenth, and sat down with The Nordly to talk about his tweet-writing process

“With just a limited number of captions I need to let the African American community that lives in this great city know that I am aware of their rich history and that they should please vote for me again now, “ said Jacob Frey while shredding MPD Budget documents. ” Maybe something like ‘I am a great mayor, and I love Juneteenth’ or ‘Emancipation is kick ass’.”

At press time the Mayor was working on a tweet in which he pointed out the “tenacity of enslaved people” and how they got their freedom “by working through the system”.