REPORT: 18-24-Year-Olds in Minneapolis Unlikely to Vote for Frey Because ‘He Has No Drip’

Survey results released by the Minnesota Research Data Center about generational factors that influence voting decisions revealed that individuals between the ages of 18-24 years old are less likely to vote for Jacob Frey this November primarily due to the fact that he lacks drip.

This age group, often dubbed Generation Z, has noted the importance of maintaining stylistic standards of excellence among elected officials and public servants. The survey results revealed that a candidate’s style choices are now one of the top three considerations that impact decisions for young voters. 

“This man Jacob has got to understand that he can’t just come into our neighborhoods wearing a quarter-zip North Face fleece and do his little stiff-ass electric slide and think he’s got the position locked down,” said 21-year-old Brian Campbell. “Why would I support someone who dresses and acts like that?”

When asked to define drip, survey respondents offered several definitions, including ‘steez’, ‘swag’, ‘sauce’, and ‘the ability to put an outfit together’. 

“It doesn’t bother me so much that Jacob Frey is a baby back bitch,” said Kyla Jackson, a 19-year-old and first-time voter. “My issue with him is that every time he wants to seem young and relatable, he throws on his classic fit: that damn baseball shirt we all know and hate, jean shorts, and a pair of running shoes. No drip, it’s a shame. We should not be burdened with holding THAT accountable for any longer.”

The Minneapolis mayoral election will take place on Tuesday, November 2nd, and many young voters will have the opportunity to exercise their voting rights in favor of, or against, Frey and his style choices.