Tim Busse Animatronic Added To Nickelodeon Universe’s Hall Of Bloomington Mayors

Original photo by bloomingtonmn.gov

BLOOMINGTON — An animatronic likeness of Bloomington mayor Tim Busse has finally been added to indoor amusement park Nickelodeon Universe’s beloved “Hall of Bloomington Mayors” attraction. 

The animatronic, which cost approximately 35 million dollars, will stand front and center between former mayors Gordon Miklethun and Coral Houle, staring solemnly out into the audience as if in deep contemplation of the weight of history that falls upon him, while holding aloft a leather-bound copy of the Bloomington city charter. 

“Since Busse took office last year, our world class engineers have been working around the clock to make a perfect Tim Busse replica, down to his eyelashes and pores,” said Nickelodeon Creative Director Kari Nguyen, “we’ve also run hundreds of simulations to make sure none of the complex electronics involved malfunction during the part of the show when a giant foam nose descends from the ceiling and drenches all the mayors in green slime.”

After a year-long wait, Nickelodeon Universe fans can barely hold in their excitement for Busse’s appearance.

“I can’t wait to see the updated show. It’s such a wonderful celebration of our city’s proud history,” said Hall of Bloomington Mayors super-fan Eve Dennis, “I also love the part when CatDog comes on stage and challenges Donald R. Hasselberg to a breakdance battle”

Mayor Busse himself has reportedly recorded several lines of dialogue to be used during the show including a short speech about zoning laws and 494 improvement efforts, as well as an “oof” sound for when a large boxing glove springs from a trap door and punches him in the groin at the same time a pie is thrown in his face.