Guthrie Adds Crinkling Cough Drop Wrapper Sound To Virtual Christmas Carol

After conceding to the fact that theaters actually need to produce products to get donation money, Guthrie Theater alerted its subscribers that this year’s virtual presentation of A Christmas Carol will be an authentic experience, including everyone’s favorite sound, the incessant crinkle of cough drops being opened.

Foley Artist Dan Danderson shared his extensive research and unique means he used to acquire the right sounds. “I found that Ricola wrappers produced the perfect irritating ruffle—usually made by Walters and Ethels in the audience—that is so central to the production.”

Early reviews of the production show excellent reception to the sounds. Local blog, A 5-6-7-WAIT! called the sounds unnerving, but it was nice to have something else to focus on besides the weak attempts at racial diversity being presented on stage.”

The price for the YouTube link starts at $300.00.